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“Focus on the possibilities of success, not on the potential for failure.” ~Napoleon Hill


What this means to me goes way beyond feeling optimistic or trying to be positive. This is about putting your mind on things that actually can produce great results. You can start testing things out with trial and error or it could take some research but when all is said and done, it’s better that you put your efforts into things that can produce than to worry about things that don’t.

Worrying does nothing good for your accomplishments. There are definitely things that you should be concerned about but you still need to make sure you control the controllables. In some instances, failure is a staircase that takes your success to higher levels. If that is the case, you still shouldn’t worry about it. Instead, use it for what it’s worth. A springboard for new accomplishments or at least good experience to improve future decisions.

You’re better off working on discovering what you can create and exploring creative ways to achieve your goals. It’s difficult enough trying to overcome obstacles and adversity. Use your mind as a resource to fuel your ambition. Everything won’t be successful but you will be significantly more successful when you concentrate on ways you can win.

  1. Dance to one of your favorite songs today. Make sure you reminisce on the best times you’ve had in life and how that song connects you to good times.
  2. Are you a worrier? What do you tell yourself to minimize worrying about things you can’t control? Please share in the comments.

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