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“Always remember, you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” ~Christopher Robin


 This quote reminds me that we all have greatness within us.  Sometimes we choose to focus on things that don’t empower us or help us achieve our potential. It’s good to know that we have an abundance of ability that doesn’t get tapped out when we attempt to do things. We almost always have more that we are capable of doing than our first few attempts. We can tap into that internal resource by putting our attention in the right place. 

 Some people genuinely don’t know, so let me tell you. There’s so much more that you can do than you’ve ever done. There’s so much more that you can be than you’ve ever been. There’s so much further that you can go than you’ve ever gone. Don’t limit yourself –  don’t let you hold you back. 

The reason this is important to know because there is an amazing life waiting for you to live. As good as things are and as good as things have been, you’re only scratching the surface. There are times when life hits you with a hard blow that makes you want to just take it easy. But other than that, is it possible to enjoy yourself too much? To be too happy? To feel too good? I don’t think so.
Just keep this in mind: you are an incredible being and the more you can demonstrate that the more life is worth living…  because you’re really living. Just apply yourself. Put your back in to it! Put your heart in to it. Be curious about discovering your own greatness.

  1. This is the selfie accountability challenge. Imagine yourself seven days from now & make a video encouraging for that version of yourself (your next Wednesday the 14th self). This is really weird but get to know yourself in a new way and have fun with it!
  2.  Is it possible to enjoy yourself too much, to be too happy, to feel too good? Please share your insights in the comments.

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