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People resist change because they focus on what they have to give up instead of what they have to gain.


It’s time to change.

I started the 1% by sharing positive messages with people and wanting to have conversations that build ideas and concepts instead of one-to-one dialog with individuals. I wanted to expand the reach of the messages to find like-minded people. What was created is 188 messages that hopefully enlighten, inspire, and inform.

I enjoy creating the messages and the challenges that came along with delivering daily. I really appreciate the participation from all of those who have contributed and I’m grateful for all of the feedback. I have learned a lot in the process but I have failed to achieve my goal. I am willing to work for it and I believe the work that has been done is teaching me that I still have to learn better ways of accomplishing my objective.

We have a good thing going and I believe it will get even better! I hope you focus on the good you got from this and, if you have missed any of the messages, I suggest you go back through the dates [started on December 12th, 2020]. It’s kind of sad that this version will not continue but I am excited about what is to come.

When I started creating these messages, from idea to delivery took hours and I have learned & improved, cutting the time down to 30 minutes. I have also developed some skills that I didn’t have before that I will now apply towards version 2.

I recognize that some people have a hard time committing to commenting at least every THREE days. What is interesting is that it has been an all-or-nothing type of thing which is sad. I also realize that there are people who come to the site, consume the message, read some comments but don’t feel compelled to leave a comment. I don’t understand that but I can accept it. Lastly, I really didn’t want a conversation with anyone’s “Instagram Self” – the polished version of you. I promise, I give you the authentic me and I only want the authentic you. I hope to improve the experience with what’s to come.

What now? The next chapter will be with a message delivered once per week. I’m excited about the changes and I hope it works for you. I’m open to collaborating on messages so if you have a contribution, please share it with me. Also, I think periodic meetups would be fun so we should do that as well.

Thank you for being a part of the 1% Tribe and for reading this far. I will end this so you can get on with your day as I’m sure you have a lot going on.. I hope to continually help you get 1% better every day!



  1. Thank you for growing with me. Also, Happy Father’s Day! Enjoy your family today.

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